Consulting Services

Lucid Pathways, LLC provides informative and strategic guidance to support employers, supervisors, top level administrators, boards of trustees, and educational institutions.

Through in-depth thought, brainstorming, and analysis, clients are provided real and lasting solutions to problems. We push our clients to become better by challenging and encouraging them to adopt new ideas and concepts.

Lucid Pathways, LLC is idea-driven and motivated to do everything possible to make our clients better. We often enter complex, ambiguous, and sometimes hostile environments. We graciously accept the challenge and are committed to getting the job done!

Assistance is offered/ but not limited to the areas of Program Development, Change Management, Grant Writing, Document Editing, etc.

Document Editing
Editing services are available for academic papers (e.g. thesis, dissertation), articles, book submissions, websites, emails, memos, business proposals, grants, brochures, etc.

Submissions are proofread for grammar – including correct punctuation, verb tense, spelling, and sentence structure. Your document is carefully screened to ensure effective communication to your target audience. Let Lucid Pathways, LLC be your “second eyes” for all your documents.