Lucid Pathways, LLC is goal-oriented, goal driven and committed to assisting people and agencies in the areas of Educational Consulting, Life Coaching and Personal Counseling.

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Serving clients throughout the United States, Lucid Pathways, LLC provides individual and group services to those overwhelmed with life’s challenges. Whether it’s adjusting to middle school or high school, the college application process, college academic decisions, seeking a new career or adjusting to any difficult life change – we are committed to assist with creating a clear and concise vision to reach your desired goals.

At Lucid Pathways, LLC, each client is unique. They are provided specialized attention – distinct to their personal needs. We are committed to assist with defining Academic, Vocational and Personal goals so that each client may reach their full potential.

At Lucid Pathways, LLC we are focused on assisting clients with creating a clear vision, defining precise goals, and ensuring dreams become a reality. Visualize your goals and make them a reality.