Sisters Circle

“Sisters Circle” is all about bringing women together to encourage one another to live G-R-E-A-T as God has purposed. Every woman brings something special to the Sisterhood.

What is a SISTERS CIRCLE Seminar?
A Sisters Circle Seminar provides an opportunity for women to gather in a small intimate setting, where we help each other find our purpose, accept our differences, and celebrate our strengths – all while sharing ways in which we cope with the everyday challenges of life.

It is the goal for every woman who attends a Sisters Circle Seminar to reconnect, rejuvenate and leave with a renewed mind, body and spirit.

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Host a Sisters Circle House Party?
** Attendance is FREE for the Hostess
** Hostess receives Free 30 Minute Consultation with Lucid Pathways, LLC
** Hostess receives FREE 1 Hour Life Coaching / Educational Consulting/or Personal Counseling Session

The Sisters Circle House Party can be held in a home, a restaurant, hotel, etc. It can be as simple or elaborate as the Hostess chooses. Light refreshments, desserts or a full meal may be served. It’s all at the discretion and desire of the Hostess.

“We encourage a come as you are atmosphere”. We want you to be comfortable so you can “relax, relate, and release”.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture & transform.” ~ Diane Mariechild ~

In Sisterhood and Love,
Dr. Keli Koran F. Luchey